Band Leadership: How do I work effectively with my co-drum major?

In this video, I answer the questions I received from a brand new drum major, who is concerned about how things will go between her and her co-drum major.

Here was here email to me:

“Hey Duane,

My band director showed us your YouTube channel and I wanted to ask you something myself.

“I just earned the position of Drum Major for this coming season, along with a good friend of mine. Our director didn’t assign a Head DM or an Assistant DM; we’re equals, although she’s a senior and I’m a junior. Do you have any advice pertaining to how best to work with her? How best can we avoid and remedy any conflict between the two of us as leaders? How do we establish to the band that we intend to be equals; in fact, how can we ensure that we remember that ourselves throughout the season? I watched your video on balancing friendship and leadership, but it seems different when it’s Drum Major to Drum Major rather than Section Leader to Section. I’m already wrestling with being blatantly compared to my older brother, who was a beloved and successful Drum Major himself a couple years ago; I don’t want to have to wrestle with being compared to my own partner as well. Neither of us need that. We’ve both worked too hard for this. Can you help? Thanks!”

Here’s the video I reference in the video above.


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3 Things That Will Make You a More Effective Leader, Starting Right Now!

Stay till the end of this video and see my daughter hijack the show. She’s so cute! Before she does though I share 3 key things you can do, starting right now, to dramatically improve your effectiveness as a student leader.

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Band Directors – Keep Doing What you’re Doing – PLEASE!

So many students and adults in the world today simply don’t possess the skills you teach your students everyday. What you so goes way beyond music education, and contributes to the betterment of society as a whole. Everyday, when you strive to instill the values of leadership, team, community, family, commitment, follow through, initiative, and so much more, your helping to shape our society. Well, it’s have a positive impact, and I implore you – keep going! Even when you lose heart, become discouraged, feel like you aren’t getting through, believe me when I say you’re making a difference. I see it everyday. I honor you for what you do and I’m here to support your efforts.


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Band Leadership: What to Do if There’s a Vision Disconnect

This video is for YOU, band directors! In this presentation, I share what to do if there’s a disconnect or difference in your vision, and the vision of others (including your assistant band director, students, boosters and/or administration.

If you stay tuned until the end, you’ll see my daughter hijack the video and steal the show.

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Band Leadership: Leadership & Relationship (Part 2)

In this video, I continue the conversation from the first video, and specifically share how to connect with people through asking effective questions. When you can effectively ask the right questions, you encourage others to open up, share, and give you everything you need to know about what they need, want and expect from their marching band experience. More importantly, you learn about them as a person. When you know these things, it makes you far more effective as a leader because you now know how to meet them where they are and serve them better.

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